If You Know What I Mean . . .

Ah yes – meaningful dialogue, persuasive arguments, pithy observations and insights…that language thing. Some days the information exchange just sings! Other days, well, you know what I mean. Or do you? How can I presume you know what I mean when you have not lived in my skin, have not read what I have read, nor experienced my events, and made assumptions about them? It is truly a miracle any of us can communicate with any other person at all.

The most critical skill we can develop is to communicate what we really mean. And we cannot communicate it until we know it ourselves. The guidance to “know thyself” is just as critical today as when it was first written in ancient times. Only when we reach an understanding within ourselves can we adequately express it to others. It is not enough to just know our product, trade skills, and our marketplace. We must hone our ability to describe what we see or believe in such a way that others can also “see” it. Saying words creates only half a communication, which is not complete until it is heard and understood by another. And saying “But I TOLD you” gets us nowhere. We can talk all day, but until the listener HEARS us, we’re just spinning our wheels. Did you say what you had to say today so that the listener indeed knew what you meant? How did you know they knew???

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