Tatt So?

There’s a tattoo expo coming to town over Valentine’s Day weekend. Interesting to schedule it during a time when we identify who we love. Many people ink into (not just on) their skin the name or picture of someone they love. What in my life is so important that tattooing it INTO me seems important or attractive? It’s not just “mom” or “semper fi”; it could also be a pet, a symbol or picture, a phrase or a date to remember. Some of those are easy choices. What about tattooing IN us our deepest beliefs – and make them so visible that everyone can see them all the time? Would the words we tatt on ourselves be empowering for us and those who might view them? Would the pictures be crisp and realistic, or would they be only blue or black ink and difficult to identify because the lines blur?
Through our constant inner thinking about ourselves, others, and life itself we are indeed branding ourselves so that some of those thoughts and beliefs can quickly be seen by others – even when we don’t think we’re letting them show. If you were an electronic billboard that displays outwardly what you are thinking inwardly, what would your words and pictures be telling the world today about you? Tatt so?

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