Jet Lag and Multi-Tasking

Multi-tasking has been viewed by many as a highly-desirable skill set for the American workplace. The more things you can juggle, the more valuable you appear to the company. But if we hold multi-tasking against jet lag, the symptoms appear far too similar. Jet lag is when we move through space and time at such a rapid rate that our internal clock and psycho-biological rhythms are disrupted causing us to feel greater fatigue, sleeplessness, and general disorientation. The cognitive effects of jet lag include poor concentration and, therefore, less effectiveness in mental tasks. Identical results are being noticed in those who hold multi-tasking akin to Olympic training protocol. It is true, our brains are extremely capable of juggling multiple strains of thought simultaneously. Nevertheless, when something is deserving of our attention, why not give it our full attention so that the resulting work is thorough and productive? Skimming over a multitude of projects, decisions, and solutions merely for the sake of a volume of projects covered leaves a great field open for error. For today, try a little focused attention on fewer things but with a greater intention for each of them. In the time-space-continuum of mindfulness, we actually accomplish more.

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