Being Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

When I was growing up, my father worked for the same company for nearly forty years. He retired and lived the remainder of his life with my mother in the same home they purchased in their mid-twenties. His pension and social security provided them a comfortable life in their retirements. I am sure they assumed life would be the same for us.

Today, life is much different. Companies don’t provide pensions. Company mergers leave professionals searching for employment in their forties, fifties, and beyond. Many college graduates have little hope of finding employment in their given field of study. The list can continue forever!

All of this sounds a little scary and certainly grim. If we take a different perspective on the realities of living today, I think we can find excitement and opportunity. The big question is “how do I find excitement and opportunity in all of this uncertainty?”

The answer is a little simpler than you might think. You have to be in charge of your life. You can become comfortable in an uncomfortable world. The best way is to start with the basics. First, it is important to learn something new everyday. That really strengthens confidence. Most people I know who experience success are avid learners.

The second important aspect is to gain a sense of security. If you save a given amount of money every day, week, month, or what ever your timing; you will gain a sense of security. If you have trouble saving, start with quarters in a jar. You will be surprised at how rapidly the money accumulates. Having financial security makes us comfortable in unstable environments.

Most important is spend some time each day being grateful! That might seem unusual, but gratitude makes us optimistic. The optimist is the one who will thrive in an uncertain world.

We can’t change the happenings around us, but we can change ourselves. If we begin to change ourselves on the inside, the world opens up and we become true champions and are able to become comfortable in a very uncomfortable world!

Talk to you soon.

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