Three Must Dos

The other day I was having one of those “solve the world’s problems” conversations with a friend of mine. We didn’t get the world fixed, but he did share some great insights from his 80 something year old father. I thought it might be worth sharing with you.

First, make sure to accomplish something everyday. Now I know most of us have at least a thousand tasks that go unfinished all the time. Imagine accomplishing one. What kind of difference that would make!

His second piece of advice: work up a “sweat” every day. Most of us spend our days at a desk in an office. We are lucky to get in a few extra steps. Working up a “sweat” doesn’t happen without intention. So, how do we make that happen? One easy way would have an exercise plan. Realistically, that isn’t always possible or probable, but we can maybe sweep the floor or patio or do something around the house that requires physical exertion. Nothing feels better than working up a good “sweat!”

Finally, the elderly parent said make sure you laugh everyday. We all have times when there doesn’t seem like there’s a whole lot to laugh about. Regardless of the situation, we have to find some humor. Whether we laugh at ourselves or at a situation, humor is fabulous medicine.

Since my conversation, I have made a conscious effort to do these three things daily. It works! If you are willing to take the leap, I know you will find that your experience gets better and better.

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