Trying not to try…

The phrase “go with the flow” and “being in the zone” are used interchangeably in many different industries, yet the meanings are quite different.

Music/Artist-may be best captured by the great jazz performer Charlie Parker when he said, ” Don’t play the saxophone, let it play you.”

Comedy/Comic-use the energy of the crowd to fuel the routine. A comic who does not relate to his/her audience, isn’t funny.

Sports/Athletes-his performance was effortless, with every shot he took the ball seemed weightless, and he didn’t even aim before shooting because he knew the ball was going in the basket.

Business/Business Owner-maintain the status quo, support the “current thinking” and minimize disruptions.

In many of these instances it appears the individual “wins” except in business.

The culture of a company determines the “winners and losers” in an organization. It’s critical to outline not only the shared values when conveying expectations to employees, but also to identify the non-negotiable behaviors for your company.

Providing this type of framework helps your team to “get into the flow of their zone.” It helps them understand the culture before there is an infraction.

The courage and transparency of leadership is essential in providing a climate that fosters thinking and interactions that work in the interest of the company and in providing employees with the opportunity for fulfillment.

Fulfillment is a key ingredient for people to “get into their zone.” They will work with anticipation rather than hesitation creating autonomy and ownership.

One of our areas of specialization we offer, is how to foster a climate through leadership techniques to increase employee engagement. Give us a call and we will schedule a 90 minute complimentary consultation 602.795.7320.

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